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Subject: Frito-Lay (div. of PepsiCo) treats employees bad
From: Heather Harris
Date: 11/14/00
Several of us have been hurt on the job and no care is given.
I hurt my back at work and was being treated by the plant therapist, then I got out of bed at home one morning and fell down from the pain so I immediately went to a doctor, but now they say it is not because of my job because I went to the doctor.
Another girl had to have surgery on her arm from repetative motion and the surgery messed her arm up and she lost 20 degrees of movement in her arm. Frito told her that she has until Nov. 30 to get it working on her own or she is fired! With no more medical care from workmans comp.
Another guy got his hand caught in a belt and it ripped his tendants, he had surgery, but the tendants were not repaired right, so they had to redo the surgery and Frito said they would not pay for the second surgery. On the day of his second surgery, they called him at home and asked him why he was not at work and he said I just had surgery and they said he had to come in that day and not to be taking his medication at work! They even gave him an incident for being late!!!
During meetings they will tell the entire company how much money injured people have cost the company over the year and you are continually harassed about being injured.
This is a VERY small letter compaired to all of the crazy things they do to their employees!
BEWARE of these people. It is MONEY and nothing else!


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