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Subject: links to the Dr Laura web site!
From: George
Date: 08/06/01
Everyone should be aware that currently has their banner ads listing on the Dr.Laura site. Frankly, I along with many others find this very offensive. For a company such as Amazon who portray themselves as being progressive to do this is just astounding to me.

I would appreciate it if readers could consider emailing Amazon to complain if they feel the same as I do.

See the open letter below.

An Open Letter to Amazon.Com:

I have been an customer for some years now. I have decided I will never visit or buy anything from the company again. I cannot associate with a company that allows their banner to be placed on the (Dr.) Laura website ( This is a hate site masquerading as "family values".

I am certain you must be aware of the controversy surrounding her radio, TV and web presence, how can you differentiate between this sort of site and a 'pornographic' site (which you prohibit)? What is obscene in this world is hate and bigotry. I think that you should be aware that if you set the precedent of allowing Ms. Schlessinger to associate with you, you clearly open the door to allowing, 'KKK' (, 'God Hates America' (, 'God Hates Fags' (, 'The American Nazi Party' (, and other despicable hate organizations to also proudly display the banner. I realize that I am only one small customer amongst many millions and that I will not be missed but I would hope that I am not the only one that takes this action.

I am also canceling all outstanding book orders and will not be taking advantage of the various promotional discounts that you have offered me.

I regret that I must take this position and I would be more than happy to reconsider my position once you have revalued your standards as regards hate organizations.

Very Sincerely Yours,

George Walker


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