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From: scott Jordan
Date: 03/23/06
I have seen several people give Mr. Busch sums of money up to $100,000 to be in his contractor program. He did not train one person how to be a contractor, nor does he know how to. He is selling ebooks for $80,000 each but only gets 10% down. You can go to Barnes and Nobles and buy the same book for about $35. Also you can buy multiple books on how to be a Contractor for about $45. He has also received money for down payment on houses that he will never build. The people have requested their money back, he insist that they have broken a contract with him. Now I ask how can a person that has never built not even one house in their entire life be a real contractor. Mr. Busch could not even tell you what a 16d nail is or what P.S.I. concrete is supposed to have. He does not understand that the product he is trying to build with is dangerous in his hands. The two houses they have tried to do look like total pieces of crap! He has not finished the one that he says is his showhome in Troy, Mo. He conned the homeowner in Kansas City to be their own contractor, that project is now about $50,000 over budget. The building inspectors in Kansas City, Kansas do not even want to pass the house on their inspection. They want the shear specs and holding specs on the materials to see if it will even hold nails. The crew that Mr. Busch and Mr. Nicholas sent to Kansas City to try and frame the house barely knew how to read a tape measure. They spent over three hours just to set three panels. Now I have been a carpenter and builder for over 7 years and have never seen such incompentency in my life. The workmanship on these two projects has to be the worst that I have ever seen. They basically sent their boxes of crap to Kansas City, stood them up, and ran back to St. Louis. The homeowner has asked them several times to come back and finish the walls. That has been over four months ago. I also found out that the latest project they were trying to do in Breese, Il., they had a foundation done, ground rough plumbing done, both of which they did not pay the sub-contractors for, they did not even have the building permits paid for. They totally built on the property illegally. They also are doing business in the State of Missouri but are not a legal entity. You can go to the Secretary of States website and check if you like. I estimate that Mr. Busch has stolen over $1.5 Million dollars from unsuspecting people. I believe if Mr. Busch had given everybody back the money he owed them to include myself, he might actually have some credibility. I only worked for him for two short months but that was enough for me to see that he was not a builder, contractor, but indeed that he was possibly scamming peoples money. If you would like more information contact me @ 816-215-5652


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