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Subject: Human rights violations in Turkey
From: Kara-belia
Date: 07/09/00
Turkey is a country that is controlled by the military.
Kemal Attaturk, the founder wanted it this way.
Us government found it convenient during the cold war years
Our own military supported and it still supports this system in Turkey.
Perhaps our military establishment with the support they
have been providing to Turkey and their system, are in effect showing their secret desires for this model of government for us here too.
What is the model?
A civilian front government, where the military has the final word in almost every aspect of life.
My point is this.
1) Turkey has committed genocides against Armenians Greeks and others and to this day they have denied even this historical record.
2) Turkey has been occupying one third of the republic of Cyprus ever since 1973 to this day. Only days ago they moved troops and expanded this occupation.
As we speak Turkey is committing genocides against minorities in living in that country, Kurds, Greeks, other.
Against this background of human violations investments of billions are made in pipelines and other projects of infrastructure.
Our goverment provides military,financial political and moral support to Turkey.
Our corporations have been making deals of billions.
The old story has come back again to test the strength of our moral values and convictions.
This time is the Caspian oil.
This time however is more at stake.


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