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The Calvert Foundation, partnering with the Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA), invests in creating solutions to poverty, worldwide. Since 1999, Calvert has provided FINCA with a loan that has been renewed—recycled, in a sense—throughout the application of many cycles, impacting hundreds of thousands of people. FINCA Executive Director Rupert Scofield spoke about the important role that socially responsible investors play when they make an investment on behalf of FINCA through the Calvert Foundation.

Village Banking Supports Tomato-Selling in Tanzania (and Other Community Investing)
FINCA provides microfinance to groups of villagers at market rates to create businesses that remain sustainable in the local economy long after loan repayment ends.

MFIs Expand Services to Include Insurance
Many Microfinance Insitutions (MFIs) are realizing that low-income populations are in need of a diverse array of financial products and services. One recent innovation is the concept of MFIs providing insurance to their low-income borrowers.

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