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RSF Social Investment Fund, Inc.

Presidio Buildiing 1002 B PO Box 29915
San Fransico, CA 94129

Contact: Mark Herrera, Investor Relations
Phone: (415)561-3900
Fax: (415)516-3919
RSF Social Investment Fund, Inc.

RSF Social Finance is a "pure play" financial services organization. For twenty five years, RSF Social Finance has pioneered a new approach to finance through its innovative investing, lending, and socially responsible donor advised funds. RSF partners with individuals, social enterprises, and charitable organizations committed to creating a world where enlivened consciousness, enhanced quality of life, and environmental sustainability are outcomes of financial decision-making.


Client Population

RSF serves clients from all geographical locations. A majority of their clients are based in the United States.


Traditional financial services organizations tend to measure their success solely by monetary gain, deferring to future generations such social costs as the long-term effects of pollution, clear-cutting, or the complex detriment to families and communities of poverty wage labor. Organizations like RSF Social Finance take a broader view of success. RSF intentionally supports initiatives that consciously include a component of social benefit—aspiring at the core of its mission to make the world a better place. RSF supports projects solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. RSF believes that good business improves quality of life.


RSF Social Investment Fund, Inc.
For a number of years, the East Bay Waldorf School paid below-market rent. They decided to take the difference between what they would normally pay for rent and what they actually paid and put it into an Investment Fund with RSF. For many years, RSF used that money to assist other schools. In 1996, when the public schools reclaimed the building, the East Bay Waldorf School needed to move. It was only natural that they came to RSF for support. Full Story

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