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Peoples' Self Help Corporation

3533 Empleo Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Contact: Scott Smith, Deputy Director
Phone: (805)781-3088
Fax: (805)544-1901
Peoples' Self Help Corporation

Peoples' Self-Help Housing Corporation (PSHH) is a nonprofit organization with nearly 40 years of experience in providing practical assistance in the structure and application of affordable housing programs for low-income and special needs households. PSHH operates in the Central Coast Region of California. Formed in 1970, PSHH has evolved into a mature, mission driven housing and community development organization with over 5,000 units built, acquired and/or rehabilitated.


Rental Housing
PSHH acquires, develops and manages affordable multi-family housing, community centers, and recreation facilities.
Mutual Self-Help Home Ownership
PSHH assists families to construct new houses, and helps participating families lower the expense of their home by contributing a minimum of 1,200 hours of construction labor per family.
Youth Educational Enhancement Program
The Youth Education Enhancement Program (YEEP) was developed to complement the Supportive Housing Program for low-income families at PSHH's affordable apartment complexes. YEEP offers year round, daily after-school education programs for K-12th grade students. Our centers are directed by educators who are bi-lingual and have diverse cultural backgrounds.
Supportive Housing Program
The Supportive Housing Program (SHP) is a clinical case management and social services program, which assists residents with gaining access to community services or provides direct "hands-on" assistance. A major program goal is to ensure that all residents, including those who are transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing, live stable, independent lives.
Housing Counseling
With Foreclosure rates rising in the country, PSHH has implemented a new program which educates and counsels potential homeowners and at risk households. Seminars about First Time Home Buyer Assistance and Foreclosure are being offered along the Central Coast. PSHH teaches local residents the value of establishing and maintaining good credit habits, as well as measures to prevent Foreclosure.
Economic Self-Development Services & Education
With its partners, PSHH provides learning opportunities such as employment counseling, job readiness, and small business workshops. Single-mother homes are also assisted in improving their earning potential. PSHH directs instructional programs devoted to language skills, cultural adjustment, financial literacy, and home maintenance skills help to facilitate economic independence.
Construction Services
PSHH is a licensed B-1 General Contractor and, when possible, constructs most of its new apartment buildings, community facilities and commercial spaces to help reduce costs.

Client Population

PSHH found, over thirty years ago, that those with the greatest housing needs along California's Central Coast are low-income families, seniors, and individuals with special needs. Their residents generally fall into these categories: the working poor, single moms, heads of household, farm workers, those with limited or no English skills, elderly on a fixed income, disabled, formerly homeless, mentally ill, and those with other special needs. Word-of-mouth or through referrals from other agencies and organizations remain the most common ways in which people in need find out about PSHH.


In recent years PSHH participated in "Community Housing Tours" in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. Sponsored by various affordable housing advocacy groups, the tours showcased well designed, planned, and preserved housing that was built for low to moderate income households, including individuals with special needs, such as seniors and farm worker families. PSHH representatives are actively involved with several local and national affordable and workforce housing advocacy groups. Since 1970, PSHH has developed over 1,000 owner-built homes and more than 1,200 rental units. Additionally over 3,000 housing rehabilitation and home repairs have been completed. These efforts have infused hundreds of millions of dollars into local economies.


Peoples' Self Help Corporation
A group of over 50 volunteers from four Montecito churches worked together on three consecutive Saturdays in February to do temporary repairs to the restrooms and the laundry room at PSHH’s Carpinteria Camper Park. The Park was purchased by Peoples’ Self-Help Housing in 2004 as a place for travelers to hook up their campers for a temporary stay in Carpinteria. Over time, however, many low income people ended up living there. At the time of purchase there were over 100 families, some with up to seven children, living in small, deteriorating campers. Peoples’ improved security and began to refer families to other PSHH properties to eliminate crowding and unsanitary living conditions. PSHH plans to redevelop the Camper Park with new replacement housing which will be called “Casas de las Flores”.
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