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CASHPOR Financial and Technical Services Private Limited

6 Lorong 4/1, Teman Permata
Seremban, NS 70200

Contact: Professor David Gibbons, Executive Trustee
Phone: 606-7645-116
Fax: 606-7642-307
CASHPOR Financial and Technical Services Private Limited

CASHPOR Technical Services Pty. Ltd (Credit and Savings for the Hard-Core Poor) is a microfinance institution whose mission is to identify and motivate poor women in rural areas and to deliver financial services to them in an honest, timely, and efficient manner. CASHPOR has 24 programs in 8 countries, all with a common goal to replicate the Grameen Bank model. CASHPOR serves approximately 550,000 loan clients with a loan portfolio worth around $50 million.


CASHPOR loan services and products include:

Client Population

CASHPOR commenced operations in the state of Uttar Pradesh because it has the largest rural poor population in India. Estimates place the rural population at 117 million, of which approximately 60 million live in poverty. An estimated 8% of the world’s poor live in Uttar Pradesh alone based on an international poverty line of $1.08/person/day. CASHPOR especially focuses on serving women who lack literacy and are among the poorest in the region. Mirzapur is located in Eastern Uttar Pradesh where CASHPOR is currently serving poor households in four administrative blocks. CASHPOR’s worldwide operations focus on similarly impoverished clients.


CASHPOR serves 550,000 clients with loans worth approximately $50 million.

CASHPOR achieves its mission by:


Funding the Poor Cooperative (FPC) was started in 1993 by a team of scholars engaged in research on poverty issues and rural development, seeking new and more effective ways of utilizing and distributing funds to the poor. FPC works through local officials at the national-level, providing them with training and later monitoring and evaluating their work. By 1997, three lending branches had been started. As of September 2002, FPC’s membership had grown to 15,873. Full Story

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