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Manna Inc.


Manna Inc. has work focusing in three main areas: renovating or building affordable homes, educating first-time homebuyers for the process of home purchase and for success as homeowners, and training first-time homeowners and their neighbors to become community leaders. Manna has also created a consulting practice to provide technical assistance to other nonprofits that do not have the same expertise that Manna has. Services include:

Homeownership: Manna develops and sells 35 - 55 units of affordable housing annually.
Homebuyer Education: Through its "Homebuyers Club", which has been replicated across the country more than 200 times, Manna provides homebuyer education and financial literacy training to 150 - 200 lower-income families, of whom 15 to 20 purchase homes each year. In addition, its Individual Development Account program, which provides $3 for every $1 of savings, serves 45 families every year as they save toward a down payment.
Individual Development Account (IDA) Program: low income families are required to save an agreed amount per month towards the purchase of their home and the savings are matched at a predetermined ratio after a given period of time. To participate in the IDA Program, individuals must meet a set of requirements and complete Manna's Financial Literacy Training Program.
Manna Mortgage Corp: In 2003, Manna incorporated Washington's only nonprofit licensed mortgage company to offer home purchase and refinance loans targeted to traditionally underserved markets and individuals with non-traditional credit profiles.

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