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Northcounty Cooperative Development Fund


Consumer Co-operatives: Typically, NCDF annually finances at least three major consumer co-operative start-ups or store expansions. The Fund also provides loans of as little as $2,000 to smaller co-ops.

Worker Co-operatives: NCDF is one of a few organizations actively working to encourage worker ownership, allowing members a degree of ownership and self-governance unavailable in any other business structure. Historically, approximately 10% of NCDF's loan portfolio has gone to worker-owned co-operative enterprises.

Housing and Land Co-operatives: NCDF creates homeownership opportunities by developing cooperative housing units in new markets. NCDF housing development projects have three primary elements; they convert existing urban and rural rental units, preserve significant buildings in urban and rural areas, or convert suburban and rural manufactured home parks to cooperative ownership.

Share Loan Program: Aimed at helping individuals finance the purchase of shares in cooperative housing. Financed housing units typically sell for a fraction of the cost of a single-family home in the area. The fastest growing sector in NCDF's portfolio is share lending and share equity lending to current members of housing cooperatives.

Northcountry Cooperative Federal Credit Union is currently restricted to making co-op housing loans, but has the potential to expand into all areas of cooperative lending.

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