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Women's World Banking- Popayán

Carrera 11 No.5-70
Popayan 19001

Contact: Leonor Melo Velasco, President
Phone: 57(2) 8217000
Fax: 57(2)8217000 Ext:200
Women's World Banking- Popayán

    Fundación Mundo Mujer FMM-Popayán (FMM-Popayán) is a nonprofit lending institution and an affiliate of Women's World Banking (WWB). FMM-Popayán is committed to increasing the economic access, participation and power of poor women and their families in Colombia by building access to finance, information and markets. FMM-Popayán works to empower women by offering loans to microentrepreneurs. FMM-Popayán has a portfolio of over $53 million and its programs benefit over 115,000 individuals.


Client Population

Through its 28 branches, FMM-Popayán serves the low- and moderate-income communities of Colombia, in hopes of opening access to credit resources for small entrepreneurs, particularly women. Of its 124,000 active borrowers, 98 percent live in major urban areas, and two percent in rural areas. In addition, 72 percent of FMM-Popayán's loans are made to women, and 70 percent are made to individuals whose household income is at or below 80 percent of the median area income. Also, its borrowers primarily work in three main sectors of the economy: commerce (60 percent), services (21 percent), and manufacturing (19 percent).



Women's World Banking- Popayán
Martha Eugenia Sarria Escobar is the owner of Canela, a footwear store in downtown Popayán, which she opened with the help of her sisters. Over time and through her hard work and determination, Martha was able to buy her sisters’ shares in the store and remain the sole owner. Moreover, a loan from WWB-Popayán has allowed Martha to not only remain in business, but to expand her inventory and increase her profits as well. Full Story

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