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Day by Day, Life is Improving
Day by Day, Life is Improving

Friends and relatives had long encouraged Vincente and Elodia to leave Mexico and bring their family to the United States, where life would be better. But when they moved to California in 1989, they found the American dream wasn’t so easy to attain. Vincente had difficulty finding a job that paid enough to support a family. By 1993 they talked of abandoning America and returning home. Then a relative suggested that they come to Minnesota.

The family lived in a series of small, cramped two-bedroom apartments, the girls sleeping in one bedroom and the boy in the others, Vincente and Elodia making their bed each night on the living room floor. As the family’s income improved, the couple dreamed of owning a place of their own.

Last year, Project for Pride in Living (PLL), one of the 10 SEA Corp organizations, helped the family achieve their dream. With income from Vincente’s two jobs, the family quickly qualified for a mortgage and were able to purchase a spacious, four-bedroom home in Portland Place.

With a home of their own, Vincente says his children are happier and making new friends. And for the first time in years, when he comes home from work, he can sit down and just relax. Vincente and Elodia hope to give something back to their new neighbors too, by bringing a sense of stability and security to the once-troubled block, and helping to again make it a good place to raise a family.

“Day by day, life for my family is improving,” Vincente says.

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