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People’s National Bank of Seneca

P.O. Box 500, 1615 Cherokee
Seneca, MO 64865

Contact: Kenny Davis,
Phone: (417) 776-2111
Fax: (417) 776-2087
People’s National Bank of Seneca

People’s National Bank of Seneca (PNBK) is a small community bank owned by the Eastern Shawnee Indian Tribe. People’s National Bank offers a wide variety of products to serve the Seneca and Joplin, Missouri community. Starting out with only $7 million in assets, People’s National Bank has grown tremendously to have over $32 million in assets today.


People’s National Bank of Seneca offers a wide range of banking services, including:

Client Population

People’s National Bank’s assessment area includes all of the Joplin, Missouri Metropolitan Area. This area has a population of approximately 152,000, while Seneca’s population is 1,900, and contains the following distribution of families by income level: 19% low-income, 19% moderate-income, 24% middle-income, and 48% upper-income. The Joplin area experienced strong growth during the mid to late nineties, primarily in the retail, service, and light industry sectors of the economy but has struggled in the last few years. The county median household annual income, in 2000, was $30,555, a 5% decrease since 1996.


The introduction of the People’s National Bank has had a positive effect on the people of Seneca. Before People’s National Bank opened, the citizens of Seneca had no choice in banking, having to travel to the larger towns to have their banking needs fulfilled. The biggest benefit the People’s Bank of Seneca has had on the community has been improving banking services.

Since opening, People’s National Bank’s loan-to-deposit ratio has steadily increased. The ratio stood at 56% in 1996 and in 2003 is up to 65%. The bank’s loan-to-deposit ratio ranks seventh of eleven independent banks in the assessment area.

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