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Marie's Story

In August 2008, Fonkoze client Marie Rosette lost her home and most of her belongings to a powerful hurricane that hit Haiti. Three months later, she lost her two oldest daughters to food poisoning, and is now caring for her three remaining children.
Unlike her husband, Marie Rosette does not let her grief keep her from working. “Look at my home, I am still trying to put it back together, the hurricanes destroyed everything , we had pigs, lots of chickens and four goats, a very nice garden of sweet potatoes and legumes. I lost all my merchandise. I have three children to feed, I have to work.”
After the hurricanes, Fonkoze provided Marie Rosette with a new, interest-free loan under the program Kredi Siklon (“Hurricane Credit”). She describes her experience with the new loan: “Without Fonkoze, I would still be sitting in the mud with my family and I can say with certainty that my commerce would not have picked up again.” Along with the loan, she received moral support and the encouragement from her Fonkoze credit agent.
Her husband, a farmer, appears to have lost hope when the storms came and destroyed his vegetable garden, then a short time later, their daughters died. Marie Rosette has strength for the both of them: “One day I will take time to mourn my daughters too. Today, I have to work to feed my family. Fonkoze is helping me do that.”

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