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Contact: Anne H. Hastings, Director
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Fonkoze is Haiti's alternative bank for the organized poor. Fonkoze’s mission is to alleviate poverty, help the economy grow, and promote self-reliance in Haiti. It does so by providing the poor with micro-credit, small business financing, financial services and educational training. As of June 30, 2009, Fonkoze has 40 branches, 55,000 active borrowers and 190,000 depositors.


Fonkoze offers many services and programs including:

Client Population

Fonkoze's mission is to serve poor, rural women in Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. They are reaching their target clientele, as 84 percent of their clients live in rural areas, 57% live below the internationall-recognized $1/day PPP poverty line and 73% live under $2/day PPP. Currently, 99 percent of their microloans are to women as Fonkoze believes that, "When the women dish out the food, everyone eats." Many of these women are street vendors, or Ti Machann. Fonkoze's clients are typically uneducated, as 60 percent of their clients are illiterate when they join the program.


Fonkoze clients consisted of the Haitian poor and ultra-poor. Results from Fonkoze's poverty scorecard demonstrate that 57% of Fonkoze's clients live under $1/day PPP, and 73% live under $2/day PPP. Social performance data from 2008 demonstrate that both hunger and poverty incidence decreased among clients that had been with Fonkoze for 1-2 years, as compared to their baseline survey results. Additionally, Fonkoze's Basic Literacy and Education program served almost 22,000 clients in 2008. Finally, satisfaction among Fonkoze clients is a high 94%.


Jouseline has been a member of Fonkoze for a couple of years. She sells small electronics – radios, tape players – and accessories out of a small stand near the cathedral in Gonaïves. Her business is growing, thanks to her hard work and to loans from Fonkoze.

When she heard that Fonkoze would be offering literacy classes in her credit center, she was excited. As a child, she had never had the chance to learn to read and write. “Other literacy programs drag you away from your work everyday. I’m a businesswomen. I don’t have all that time. When I learned that I could learn to read and write right in my credit center, and that I’d only have to go once or twice a week, I knew this was my chance.”
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