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Equal Exchange


Besides buying products at Fair trade prices, EQEX also facilitates pre-harvest credit to help the farmers through the year. Together these provide a stable source of income and improved social services for around 50,000 farming families.
EQEX also supports sustainable farming practices and works with its co-ops to develop more environmentally sound business practices. Equal Exchange also works to connect the buyers and consumers of our products with the small farmer who grew them. In the last two years we have taken 100 people to spend a week in the fields with such small farmers - including spending a night with a farmer family. We have also brought 30 farmers and farmer representatives to the US for quality training.
EQEX also runs "The Interfaith Program," a faith-based program which links Fair Trade with congregations' social justice missions, and a "Fundraising Program" that links school fundraising with education about Fair Trade. Through partnering with congregations and schools these program build a valuable bridge between US communities and remote farming communities. More than 10,000 congregations, schools and religious groups have invested in fair-trade principles by paying an equitable price for their products, which has truly made a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of farmers.

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