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The Road to Independence
The Road to Independence

Faydene and Henry live with their two children at Cambridge Court, a CCC family housing community in NE Portland that is alcohol & drug free. Onsite CCC staff provides supportive services, matching residents with employment programs, keeping them engaged in recovery work, assisting with childcare challenges and interfacing with other social service agencies potentially involved with the families.

Faydene's clean date is December 12, 2003 and Henry's is May 7, 2004. A member of the Klamath tribe, Faydene had spent years in tribal housing in Chiloquin and on tribal assistance, "not doing anything." She frequently sent her son off to grandma's house. Henry says that he spent a lot of time in the back of a police car in his "using" days and has had some jail time to show for it. He was in jail just 5 days before his clean date.

He says that he spent much time in the back seat of police cars; today, he services police cars in his job. He is also diligently paying off past child support and traffic tickets.

Faydene graduated from Project Independence in 2006. Project Independence is a tuition free, personal development and career planning program for women and displaced homemakers. Project Independence at PCC assists women with transition into higher education and/or the workforce. Faydene is studying to become a drug and alcohol counselor.

Their son Jake is a sixth grader at the local public school and is doing well. When Faydene is off at class, Kateri stays with a certified child care provider. Soon, Faydene will be finished with school and Henry's wages will no longer be garnished. At that time, they'd like to move out of CCC housing. Henry sees moving out as the ultimate act of their success. Henry and Faydene look forward to permanent independence.

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