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Media Development Loan Fund


Through low-cost capital, in-depth training, and long-term advice and support, MDLF helps news outlets committed to responsible journalism strengthen their operations and become commercially sustainable. MDLF accomplishes this goal by providing news outlets with the financing they need in order to act as strong and stable pillars in their developing democracies. MDLF provides financing for:
     •printing presses and pre-press equipment
     •audio/video production equipment
     •construction of broadcast facilities and printing houses
     •working capital (where there is significant potential for growth in audience or advertising)

By supporting each loan and investment with intensive financial monitoring, on-going advice, specialized consulting, management training and technology assistance, MDLF enters into a close, involved, and long-term relationship with each client. The key areas where MDLF focuses advice and training include:
     •newsroom management
     •budgeting and reporting
     •printing house management
     •new technologies
     •advertising sales

MDLF manages its investment pool as a Family of Funds that allows it – and funders – to target specific media support goals. Each Fund meets a distinct objective, with its own risk profile, type of borrower, pricing and fundraising framework. Loan repayments are recycled through the Funds to provide financing for other media businesses, so the same money goes to work over and over again to help more independent news outlets.

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