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Working in Tourism is What I Love
Working in Tourism is What I Love

When you are talking to Šerifa Sendić it seems that time stops. You forget your own obligations and her unbelievably positive energy makes your big and small troubles disappear. It seems such character is needed to run a travel agency—to organize and take people on different trips, excursions, and vacations.

It all started 9 years ago when Šerifa, while working in a transport company in Gradačac, decided to start her own business. Love of traveling to far and exotic places and socializing with people was key for her in deciding to open a travel agency. Now in Gradačac, it is enough to say “Šeriam,” and it is clear to everybody that you are talking about this valued, charming and amusing travel agent Šerifa Sendić. “Traveling with her is more than a joy,” is one such comment you will hear in Gradačac.

Two years ago, in order to expand her business activities, she was considering taking out a loan. After consulting with her friends, she decided to go to MI-BOSPO, an organization that has a history of providing financial services to business women and their families.

“Our cooperation [with MI-BOSPO] is based on trust. Everything is very transparent and it is very important that all agreements are respected to the maximum. What I appreciate the most in MI-BOSPO is kindness, simplicity, speed and helpfulness. My credit officer Mirzeta Nezić is a lovely person and she is helpful in every occasion," said Šerifa.

Šerifa knows well that it is not enough in her business to be charming. It is also very important to be dedicated to one's work and honest with clients. “Imagine how people you sent on an unorganized trip would feel. My goal is for every client to be completely satisfied, because when people go on vacation, this is the time when worries have to be left behind,” concluded Šerifa.

Currently Šerifa has one employee, but her wish is to build her business in the near future. She said that today’s travel is lot easier if you can rely on some financial institution when needed, and she found a partner she trusts in MI-BOSPO.

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