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Contact: Eddy Tenorio,
Phone: 505-612-4067
Fax: 505-612-3386

CECOCAFEN, the Organization of Northern Coffee Cooperatives, is an umbrella organization for the promotion and sale of quality coffees from nine cooperatives representing 2,078 coffee farmers exporting over four million pounds of coffee annually.

The basis of their operations rests upon producing quality coffee, establishing programs for ecological practices, and offering equitable opportunities for integrated development in their members' communities.


Client Population

CECOCAFEN serves 2,078 affiliated coffee farmers organized at the grassroots level into 43 primary cooperative societies. These societies in turn belong to nine large cooperatives and two unions of smaller associations, directly benefiting roughly 7,000 rural people. Additionally, CECOCAFEN/SOLCAFE provides milling and export services to 4 non-member co-ops representing 700+ people.


In 2007, CECOCAFEN had 2,078 active members, 457 of whom were women. CECOCAFEN is a "second-level" processing and marketing organization, and also operates a wholly owned agro-industrial processing facility called "Beneficio Solcafé"(SOLCAFE). The processing plant is equipped with ample drying beds, a complete line of sorting machines, and a fully equipped cupping laboratory. Internalizing these steps for processing and testing allows CECOCAFEN to improve quality control and to negotiate significantly better prices for the farmers. It is an impressive sight - from tiny piles to great pyramids - to see their members' coffee spread across the drying patios. Additionally, CECOCAFEN provides milling and export services to 4 non-member co-ops representing approximately 700 people total.

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