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Dairy Making Dreams
Dairy Making Dreams

The American Dream may prove elusive, but it’s still out there and, for some, it’s a reality. Saul Ordoñez came to New Mexico as a teenager from Chihuahua, Mexico, to improve his economic prospects. He identified a need in his community and built a successful business to meet it.

After high school, Saul began working in the dairy industry of southeastern New Mexico. Ten years later, he was ready to open his own company. Saul’s business, Valley Dairy Products, provides dairy owners with chemicals to clean and sanitize their milking equipment.

Part of Valley Dairy Products’ success, he believes, comes from “personalized service, based on my own experience in the dairy industry.” He makes certain that dairy owners can spot problems early and correct them as quickly as possible.

There are other factors in his success: hard work, initiative, dedication, and the support of his wife, Loriann, who handles the bookkeeping and record keeping.

The New Mexico Community Development Loan Fund (Loan Fund) also played a vital role. After being turned down for a loan from a bank, Saul came to the Loan Fund for assistance. They determined that Mr. Ordoñez was a good credit risk and had a strong business plan. The Loan Fund offered Valley Dairy Products a line of credit, which has since been repaid. In 2004, the Loan Fund, now Saul’s lender of choice, renewed and increased the line of credit.

Now, this Mexican immigrant, who came to New Mexico for a better life, has a successful and growing business serving the dairy industry in southeastern New Mexico. Today, Valley Dairy Products is a well-respected and thriving business that has helped move Saul and Loriann into the economic mainstream.

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