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Community Bank of the Bay

1750 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

Contact: Brian Garrett, President and CEO
Phone: 510-433-5402
Fax: 510-433-5431
Community Bank of the Bay

Community Bank of the Bay (CBB) is a locally owned, locally managed full service commercial bank committed to its community. CBB aims to create jobs and invests in the community by working with faith-based and nonprofit organizations, small businesses and individuals. CBB's lending activities are designed to improve capital access in credit-deprived East San Francisco Bay Area neighborhoods, thus helping to revitalize those communities. As of December 31, 2008, CBB's total assets are worth over $68 million.


CBB is a full-service bank that provides a variety of lending and depositary products and services.

Client Population

Community Bank of the Bay is located in Oakland, Alameda County. Alameda County's population is 35% White, 31% African American, 25 % Hispanic and 15% Asian. Oakland has a population of 415,492 with a 15.8% unemployment rate. The median income in Oakland is $49,359, well below the County average of $64,424.

Churches are the soul of the community and faith-based lending is 13.7% of CBB's lending, with the other nonprofits and green business making up 5.4%. Small business lending comprises the other 80.9%.


CBB made faith-based loans, Oakland 1st Fund loans, and green loans which retained or created 210 jobs in 2008. Small business loans were the largest segment of CBB's loans and they created or retained 573 jobs.
In addition, CBB donated sponsorships to nonprofits and churches, and employees donated many volunteer hours. In addition, CBB donated community facilities at no charge to nonprofit groups


A 140-year-old congregation in downtown Oakland needed to seismically retrofit their sanctuary. The Sanctuary, built in 1891, had withstood subsequent earthquakes but was clearly a potential hazard to all who entered there. Three other banks turned down the loan request because the economic downtown made reliance on annual members' pledges appear to be an undue risk.

The chosen local general contractor referred the distressed church’s request to Community Bank of the Bay because of its experience in faith-based lending. The church applied to Community Bank of the Bay and was granted a loan. Full Story

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