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Banco del Exito

Pista Juan Pablo II. De Rotonda El Periodista 300
1 c. Este 1½ C.Norte

Contact: Gabriel Solórzano, President
Phone: (5052) 255-8800
Fax: (5052) 255-8809

BANEX provides financial services to clients who find it difficult and sometimes impossible to access traditional means of credit. Through 28 offices, BANEX provides micro-, small-, and medium-sized business loans to over 35,000 non-traditional clients. Sixty-six percent of BANEX's clientele live in rural areas that are not served by traditional financial institutions, making BANEX's work essential to provide them with financial services otherwise unavailable.


Client Population

BANEX currently has 36,307 microloans, 61,260 savings accounts, 2,151current accounts and 1,366 CDs in our 28 offices throughout Nicaragua. Typically, each loan creates between three and six new jobs, depending on the size of the borrower. The majority of our clients live in rural areas, where we are first place in providing accessible financial services. Our main market niche of micro-, small-, and medium-business loans, has been growing in Nicaragua.


The official start of BANEX operations on October 15, 2008 marked a milestone in the history of our institution. This was a significant step forward on the path of institutional transformation from a non-governmental organization, to a financial institution regulated by the national financial system, and into the country's leading bank specialized in microfinance. FINDESA's evolution into a bank has created new opportunities for our customers. As part of BANEX, they have become part of a banking institution's portfolio of customers in a country where low-income sectors have been traditionally neglected by commercial banks.


Banco del Exito
With the increase in the price of petroleum, public transportation is becoming harder every day. This is how Mr. Guillermo Montiel Paredes talks about the situations and expectancies of the “Cooperativa Cocibolca”, an inter-urban public transportation cooperative located in Granada. With the loan that we obtained from FINDESA we were able to purchase eleven units of work (buses), therefore, this loan was essential to ensure the stability and quality service of our business. Full Story

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