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Michigan Interfaith Trust Fund

1000 S. Washington Ave.
Lansing, MI 48910

Contact: Christine Coady, President/CEO
Phone: 517-372-6001
Fax: 517-372-6004
Michigan Interfaith Trust Fund

The Michigan Interfaith Trust Fund (MITF) fosters economic and social justice by providing loans and technical assistance for economic development and affordable housing throughout Michigan. Certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Department of Treasury's CDFI Fund, MITF has invested nearly $27 million for affordable housing development, community economic development, microenterprises and community facilities. These loans have assisted in the creation of over 2,000 affordable housing units and more than 300 new jobs.


MITF's Community Investment Program pools money entrusted to it through gifts and investments by individuals, religious communities, corporations and foundations. The MITF has NEVER lost a single dollar of investor capital!

MITF's Lending Program makes loans at below-market interest rates to community-based organizations developing affordable housing for individuals and families in Michigan. Loans are also made to foster economic development, for nonprofit facilities, and for growing and strengthening microenterprises in underserved areas. Experienced staff and two loan committees comprised of expert volunteers from the Board of Trustees and the general community review loan requests.

The Consumer Loan Fund offers last resort financing to cover housing-related expenses such as: first month's rent, security deposits, payment of back rent, utility costs, etc. Borrowers must demonstrate sufficient income and commitment to repay the loan, and have an open case with a Community Health Agency.

MITF's Technical Assistance Program works with nonprofit organizations helping low-income individuals, communities, and groups to provide affordable housing development and in-capacity building efforts of community-based housing development organizations.

Client Population

The Michigan Interfaith Trust Fund's primary efforts serve the very low-income population (those at or below the poverty level) within the state of Michigan. According to the US Census Bureau, more than 462,000 households, or nearly 25%, are living at or below the poverty level in Michigan. These households find themselves struggling to make ends meet and provide a safe, secure shelter for their families. MITF provides housing to this target market, which includes both rural and urban areas of the state. Their business lending program also includes serving minorities and women.


Since inception, MITF has invested more than $24.3 million to 70+ community-based organizations creating affordable housing in 38 Michigan cities which has supported the production of over 2,000 affordable housing units. MITF has also invested over $2.5 million in 52 loans which have helped created more than 300 new jobs, at least 125 childcare slots, and developed or rehabbed more than 71,000 square feet. In addition, the MITF Technical Assistance Program has worked with over 50 nonprofit organizations, providing assistance in financial packaging, strategic planning, and organizational and Board development.


Michigan Interfaith Trust Fund
For years, Jennifer Rider rented an apartment in Traverse City with her three young children. Then Jennifer met the folks at HomeStretch Nonprofit Housing Corporation who directed her to a house that was part of the Cross Town Project. HomeStretch received a $56,200 loan from the Michigan Interfaith Trust Fund to build 10 single-family houses intended for low-income people living or working in Traverse City. Today Jennifer lives with peace of mind her new home. Full Story

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