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Microfund for Women

P.O. Box 962854
Queen Rania Street (Opposite Addustour)
Amman 11196

Contact:, Abeer Hakouz, CFO
Phone: 962-6-516-9191
Fax: 962-6-516-7128
Microfund for Women

Microfund For Women (MFW) is a not for profit company registered under the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Jordan. Microfund for Women aims to harness the productive capacity of micro entrepreneurs in Jordan by providing them with sustainable financial services. Our clients are mostly women as the aim of the company is to support them in their business and empower them to be more interactive in the community and better serve their families through the help that Microfund provides for then.


MFW offers a variety of loan products intended to help micro-entrepreneurs:

A financial service product utilizing the Group Guaranteed Lending Methodology that is offered to women with existing income generating projects. These women want to invest in the expansion or improvement of their businesses. All the women in a solidarity group agree to guarantee each other. Each woman receives her own "Tadamun" amount, for which the repayment terms are simple and agreeable.

During certain seasons, a client's enterprise may require additional capital. Microfund for Women caters to such needs by offering a variety of Seasonal financial services throughout the year. These services are parallel to the existing "Tadamun" financial services and are offered to women within a solidarity group. Seasonal loans are repaid within a short period of time.

A loan product utilizing Loan Group Guaranteed Lending Methodology. It targets women who do not have existing projects in order to encourage them to take the initiative.

A loan product that utilizes Individual Lending Methodology. It enables pregnant women to take care of their health and to manage the expenses of the pregnancy, the delivery, and raising the new baby.

A financial service product that utilizes Individual Lending Methodology, which is offered to entrepreneurs with established small enterprises, who want to invest in expansion or improvement. Each micro entrepreneur, female or male, can receive an individual "Tatweer" financial service based on the credit and financial assessment of the enterprise (this can reach up to 5000 JD), and the repayment terms are based upon the loan size and the enterprise's cash flow.

A financial service product that utilizes Individual Lending Methodology, which is offered to entrepreneurs with established small enterprises, who want to invest in improving their business productivity though leasing machinery that they couldn't otherwise afford to buy.

Client Population

MFW serves women entrepreneurs throughout Jordan. Women are targeted by the organization simply because they comprise a large portion of the underprivileged in the financial sector throughout Jordan. The clientele are composed of women from the ages of 18-65 who own enterprises but have not had access to formal lending institutions and have little or no collateral. According to microfinance surveys, women run 63% of informal businesses in Jordan and 91% are willing to borrow money through Microfinance institutions for assistance. MFW seeks strong-willed women who will work hard to achieve their goals.


Microfund for Women has grown successfully into a legitimate lending institution in Jordan. It plays a vital role in the development of women and the society, supporting low-income micro entrepreneurs with substantial financial services. Since its inception, MFW has disbursed 148,000 loans totaling more than JD 40 million (US $56 million) to more than 55,000 Jordanian women. During the last 10 years, MFW has worked to further the culture and concept of Microfinance and its role in reducing poverty in Jordan.


Microfund for Women
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