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Developing World Markets

800 Post Road, Floor 3
Darien, CT 06820

Contact: Simone Balch, Vice President
Phone: +1 (203) 655-5453
Fax: +1 (203) 656-9528

Developing World Markets (DWM) is a socially oriented investment bank and fund manager that links international capital markets with microfinance institutions and other socially positive businesses in developing countries. To date, we have raised almost $250 million in capital markets transactions for MFIs worldwide and serve as investment manager for the largest pool of institutional capital dedicated to microfinance.

The Developing World Markets Group consists Developing World Finance LLC, Developing World Markets MicroFinance, LLC, DWM Finance LLC, DWM Asset Management, LLC and Developing World Markets Inc. "DWM" refers to any one of the 5 entities


Investment Banking:
DWM Finance specializes in providing structuring, M&A/strategic advisory and corporate finance services to microfinance institutions and other socially positive businesses in developing countries. DWM aims to provide access to capital and promote the growth of these businesses, which reach the poor with financial services, by linking them to the international capital markets. As an investment bank, DWM is able to offer an entire array of debt and equity financing, including senior, subordinated and convertible loans, common and preferred shares, as well as securitizations, guarantees and other structured products.

Asset Management
DWM manages socially positive assets in the developing world for a handful of select institutional clients.

Through its US FINRA registered broker-dealer, DWM Finance LLC places socially positive emerging markets investment products and transactions with a range of institutional investors in international markets.

Client Population

DWM has been responsible for structuring and placing $250 million of debt and equity investment in MFIs in 30+ countries in the developing world. DWM provides financing to MFIs in any legal form, at different stages of development, ranging from large, well-established institutions to small promising ones. We serve the entire developing world.


In Microfinance Securities XXEB (MFS), the world's first rated microfinance collateralized debt obligation, DWM channeled $60 million international capital investors to low-income micro-entrepreneurs through 26 MFIs in 17 countries. This transaction alone impacted the lives of over 1 million people in the developing world. In the 6 months ending June 30, 2007, the combined total assets of the 26 MFIs increased 26%, while the combined equity grew 16%, total net income grew 47% on an annualized basis and client outreach increased by 16%.

DWM believes that as the microfinance industry expands and matures, MFIs will "graduate" from traditional not-for-profit funding sources and tap the international capital markets for larger and longer term funding, just as institutions in the formal banking sector do.


Tifa, along with her husband Huso and their sons was expelled from Vlasenica and came to Živinice with nothing. . She immediately started attending BOSPO psycho-social centre. She was asked what she would do if she had some money. “I know what I would do, what I have always done - work with cows, that is what I would do.” MI-BOSPO gave 500 KM (USD330 equivalent) to Tifa in April 1996, to be repaid fully in September that year. This was not enough to buy a cow, so Tifa bought a goat. This goat did not only produce a lot of milk, but also 4 baby goats. Full Story

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