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Nonprofit Finance Fund

70 West 36th Street
11th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Contact: Clara Miller, President and CEO
Phone: 212-868-6710
Fax: 212-268-8653
Nonprofit Finance Fund

Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is a national leader in financing nonprofits, strengthening their financial health and improving their capacity to serve their communities. With NFF's help, nonprofits build and renovate facilities, fund growth needs, and expand and sustain operations over time.

NFF serves both nonprofits and their funders, offering an integrated package of financial and advisory services, including facilities and working capital loans and lines of credit; asset-building programs; intensive workshops; and other consultations to help nonprofit management. A newly launched entity, NFF Capital Partners, helps nonprofits attract equity-like growth capital.


Loan programs provide loans for nonprofit organizations lacking access to conventional capital. Loans ranging from $100,000 to $2 million are used for costs related to new construction, leasehold improvements, acquisition, renovation, working capital and equipment. NFF also received a NMTC allocation that it is using to support community facility projects in distressed communities.

Credit enhancement provides subsidized loans and loan guarantees to the severely-undercapitalized childcare sector through NFF's Child Care Expansion Consortium (CHEX). This program has provided $3.8 million of enhancement for projects exceeding $8.4 million.

Asset-building services are provided through Building for the FutureSM (BFF), an NFF financial tool that builds the financial strength of participating community-based nonprofits. BFF allows these organizations to build assets in building reserves, cash reserves and endowments. In the process, they learn to prepare for unforeseen emergencies, manage constraints on capital and cash flow and develop a better understanding of their true costs.

Consultative services help organizations better understand their business model and financial condition, learning to analyze and interpret financial statements in a way that tells the financial story accurately and comprehensively. Our financial consultations help nonprofit managers make decisions that strengthen their organization's financial health and support effective program delivery.

Capital Partners helps nonprofits design strategic capital campaigns of $5 million or more to raise growth capital. Our Sustainable Enhancement Grant (SEGUE) methodology provides nonprofits and their philanthropic investors with a complete plan for attracting and managing these growth capital funds.

Client Population

NFF serves small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations that have annual revenues of $1 to $20 million, which are primarily located in or serve low- and moderate-income urban communities. NFF seeks to link these organizations to access to credit, capital and management assistancetools they need to grow and remain strong. NFF clients cover the full spectrum of the nonprofit sector: social services, childcare, arts and culture, advocacy, healthcare, faith-based initiatives, community development and education in addition to social enterprises. NFF client organizations also provide job training, community centers, after-school programs, elderly services, childcare, arts education and cultural programs needed to build and sustain vibrant, healthy communities.


NFF has lent over $160 million and leveraged $1 billion of capital investment on behalf of its nonprofit clients. Beyond direct lending, in partnership with others, NFF has generated $16 million for nonprofits for building reserves, cash reserves and endowments through its multi-year asset-building product. NFF also has provided $1.2 million in loan guarantees, $10.3 million in 9/11 recovery grants, approximately $13 million in capital grants and $2 million in planning grants. NFF ended 2007 with $45 million in loans outstanding.


Nonprofit Finance Fund
EducationWorks (EW) works with AmeriCorps to provide opportunities for academic enrichment, recreation, and social development; it supports school safety and violence prevention, truancy prevention, and after school programs. Despite the undeniable value of its programs, EW, which is 90% publicly funded, faced a financial crisis last year. When their receivable topped $2 million, EW's bank was reluctant to lend the organization more and EW was in a precarious position. NFF provided a $1 million working capital loan that gave EW the liquidity it needed to manage its receivable and continue providing vital educational services. Full Story

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