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For the Love of Food
For the Love of Food

As a young single mother, Arga wanted a way to make positive impact on her family and community. She knew that opening her own business, a natural organic food restaurant and nutritional store, would bring that much needed change to her life, not simply in terms of household income but also in improved health and nutrition for her family as well as the community. In 2004, with a lot of hard work and dedication Sunfired Foods was opened. Located in the 3rd Ward in Houston, TX, a low-income neighborhood, Arga was very well aware that she would have to work extra hard to make her business bloom, nonetheless she was not worried, her dream had finally become a reality. Arga was fully committed to bringing that change to her neighborhood. During the first year of operation, the store consisted of no more than one shelf of products, primarily vitamins and herbs. Arga saw her clientele and business growing but she was in urgent need of more capital to fund this expansion. It was then that Arga found ACCION Texas. With a $13,000 ACCION Texas loan and technical assistance, Arga used the funds for working capital. "ACCIÓN has been a great benefit to me. They didn't just say, 'Here you are; take it and you're on your own.' I also received education through them, and a lifetime of learning and resources. That is what I appreciate most." Arga has also used ACCION loans to purchase a new line of specialty products typically available only to higher volume stores. She was able to increase her inventory and provide a wider selection of products to her customers. Her dream is now more alive that ever. Sunfired foods has grown into a fully equipped store that sells herbs, vitamins, vegetarian cuisine and fresh-squeezed juices. Agra is fully committed to provide the members of her community with healthy and nutritional products traditionally unavailable to low-income individuals, so she holds classes on healthy eating, cooking, and exercise. The business is thriving and is a true asset to the community. The business employs Arga, her father and four additional employees. Agra was selected as the Wachovia-ACCION Texas Microntrepreneur of the Year for the Houston Region in 2007.

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