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Vita's Shop

In a simple shop with some old bikes in Srogne village of Siem Reap province, Mr.Chun, 35, repairs bikes. Chun says that he usually buys old or broken bikes, then repairs and sells them back to people in the village. It is a very good business that allows him to earn a daily income of about 40,000Riel (USD10). Chun is very well known for his skill in repairing many different types of machines, including motors, bikes, generators, etc., and people usually come to him when they need help. Chun started this business for about 2 years after quitting a small construction trade that was slow to generate income. Chun’s wife, Mrs. Chhin Vita, 24, sells some food such as noodles and coffee next to his shop. The couple is very mutually supportive and committed to improving their family's standard of living. Vita said she has 3 children aged 9 (girl), 5, and 3 (boys). She has been running her shop for about 8 months – ever since the couple decided it would be a good idea because it would be accessible by three key roads in the village. Vita set up this business after she received her first loan from CREDIT for USD500. She used a second loan of USD1,700 to buy goods for her shop. She says that her income has decreased significantly as of late, possible because of the global financial crisis. She earns around USD12.50 per day compared to USD50-USD60 before the crisis began. She is hopeful that the business will soon return to its former profitability. "I would like to thank CREDIT for the loans. They helped us during the crisis. We will apply for another loan, about USD2,000, to buy more spare parts for the repair shop." Vita said "I also usually help promote CREDIT to other people by telling them the phone numbers of CREDIT's staff so that they can get loans from CREDIT."

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