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Investing in the Future

When Yaucán Coro Francisco Manuel applied for his first loan with D-MIRO, he and his wife owned a small grocery store. Yaucán’s wife managed the store while he was a fruit vendor on the streets. They lived in a one bedroom flat, wood constructed house. With the money from the loan they increased their grocery store stock and were able to remodel their home using superior materials and adding two commercial store-fronts on the first floor. Additionally, they installed four telephone booths on their property. They are now planning to buy an additional, smaller house to rent out. Their lives have changed substantially, because Yaucán no longre has to work as a fruit vendor on the street. He is even able to employ his older son, who is a student at the local school, to help him working in his free time.

Because of the progress they have made with their loan from D-MIRO, the Manuel family is able to provide for their basic needs, and pay for the education of their two sons.

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