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Coop. Americo Vespucio, Mz. A, Solar 8. (Isla Trin
Guayas 9015972

Contact: Carlos Egas, Executive Director

D-MIRO's mission is to promote justice, opportunities and integral development, offering agile microfinance services to marginalized sectors, based on Christian values giving evidence of God's love.


As a micro-lending institution, D-MIRO offers a variety of loan products to the entrepreneurial poor. In collaboration with the insurance company COLVIDA, D-MIRO also provides their borrowers with access to life insurance.

Client Population

The Foundation has helped serve Ecuador's poor and small business owners for over ten years. The institution focuses on providing micro-credit services in the poor suburban areas of Ecuadorian cities. Over 66% of D-MIRO's active borrowers are women.


In 1997, D-MIRO served 98 borrowers with a loan portfolio of $50,010 USD. In 2008, D-MIRO served over 36,000 with a loan portfolio of over $24 million. Many of their borrowers apply and receive multiple loans as their businesses flourish, and D-MIRO has a borrow repayment rate of 98%. Their impressive retention of clients, due to an incredibly helpful and family environment, is evidence of the continued success of Ecuador's entrepreneurial poor working with D-MIRO.


Yaucán Coro Francisco Manuel used a loan from D-MIRO to expand his grocery store. He also started a new business in real estate, building and renting out a new home in his town. Because of the support he received from D-MIRO he is able to provide for his family, and send his two sons to school. Full Story

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