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First Book


While the documented improvement in reading abilities, sales in excess of revenue projections, and increased book distribution numbers are all powerful metrics for judging the success of the Marketplace, no advocates of our work are more eloquent than the children and families we support. Below are a few excerpts from letters we have received from those receiving books from First Book and the First Book Marketplace:

“Thank you. . . especially for the books. . . the books meant so much to me and my son. We read the books every night. My son's face lights up when it is story time. It is a special time we share together. It's just the two of us. That little man is my world. I don't have much but I know how important reading is. I used to like to read when I was young and I want my son to be a good reader. It's hard for us to go places because I don't have a lot of money but when we read together the books take us special places, exciting places, places we can dream about. You are all so nice, thank you for everything. God bless you all.”
—LaTonya J.
Parent of First Book Recipient

“Folks tell me that they don't trust First Book because it sounds too good to be true. But you guys are the light at the end of the tunnel, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I wish you could have seen the smiles on faces of kids and teachers. Students are never without a book, even now when the library is closed. Sometimes when things sound too good to be true, they are both true and good. Thanks to you!”
—Sue C.
Librarian and Teacher

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