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First Peoples Worldwide

3307 Bourbon Street
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408
United States of America

Contact: Neva Adamson, Managing Director
Phone: 540-899-6545
Fax: 540-899-6501
First Peoples Worldwide

First Peoples Worldwide is one of the only international organizations led by Indigenous Peoples dedicated to promoting Indigenous economic determination and strengthening Indigenous communities through asset control and the dissemination of knowledge. Through regranting, technical assistance, education, and advocacy, First Peoples provides Indigenous Peoples with the tools, information, and relationships necessary to build community capacity to leverage assets for sustainable economic development. First Peoples builds bridges between Indigenous communities, NGOs, governments, and policy makers.


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The convergence of significant, biodiversity-rich areas and Indigenous territories presents an enormous opportunity to expand efforts to conserve biodiversity beyond any of our current strategies and on a scale to save the planet. If only half of Indigenous territories were managed by Indigenous Peoples, it could place an additional 12 percent of the world’s land surface under protected status. These protected areas, combined with the over 12 percent of the earth's land surface already under conventional protected status, would double the amount of the entire world's land surface under conservation protection. The Keepers of the Earth Program will advocate that Indigenous communities receive equitable funding for conservation efforts on their own territories where they currently execute conservation models at a substantially lower cost.


First Peoples Worldwide
First Peoples Worldwide began supporting the Koiyaki Guiding School and Wilderness Camp in 2007. After visiting this school, First Peoples was inspired to support the advancement of the education initiatives being undertaken by the Maasai community. This unique school is owned and managed by the Indigenous Maasai community and is located in a wildlife-rich region adjacent to the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The School uses funding to equip local Maasai people with skills necessary for their full participation in the conservation and management of wildlife and related enterprises. Full Story

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