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Realized a Revitalized Mission
Realized a Revitalized Mission

Rebuild Resources helps recovering alcoholics and addicts build a healthy and stable future. When the organization needed to improve its financial condition, President Kevin Lynch and his board initiated a restructuring plan. Kevin sought out Nonprofits Assistance Fund, explained his vision, and asked for a loan to bridge a cash flow gap during the restructuring process. Nonprofits Assistance Fund approved the loan, and helped Kevin and Rebuild’s management team navigate the intricacies of their organization’s finances. As a social enterprise, Rebuild aims to earn 80% of its budget from its business enterprises. These businesses offer a safe job environment for people in recovery, giving them the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Nonprofits Assistance Fund helped Kevin understand the businesses’ operations and financial transactions within the framework of a mission-driven nonprofit organization.

As part of the restructuring, Rebuild discontinued some of their enterprises and put the associated real estate on the market. However, because of its specialized nature, the sale took several years. Kevin was concerned and approached Nonprofits Assistance Fund for a loan to cover the operating costs in the interim. The partnership proved valuable again, because “Nonprofits Assistance Fund is able to operate at a different risk level and fill a cash gap where the bank would have been uncomfortable.”

Rebuild Resources successfully closed on the property and now operates without debt and its carrying costs. “We knew where we wanted to take the organization and had identified the barriers that existed in our financial situation; Nonprofits Assistance Fund helped us get around those barriers with flexible financing and allowed us to focus on the mission.” A more stable and focused Rebuild Resources is able to help more people move ahead with their own vision of success; over the last two years its client placement rate has doubled.

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