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Edpyme Confianza

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Phone: (0051) 64 217000
Fax: (0051) 64 217000
Edpyme Confianza

Confianza is a microfinance institution established in Peru, whose mission is to deliver credit and saving services to micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses active in agriculture, commerce, and industry in the Peruvian market.


Confianza has a unique approach to microfinance lending in the Peruvian market. Many microfinance lenders focus on one or two main borrower business types such as lending to borrowers working in the service and commercial industries. Confianza however has taken a different approach, diversifying their loan offerings from only agriculture to reaching out to borrowers who operate a wide variety of businesses. An investment in Confianza will therefore allow you to target your money to Peruvians with businesses not only in services and commerce, but also those working in agriculture, livestock, industry, and tourism.

Confianza also offers a housing loan product which allowing borrowers to access loans for home improvement.

Client Population

Confianza has served over 50,000 borrowers across the Ucayali, Huanuco, Pasco, Junin, Huancavelica, and Lima regions of Peru.


Edpyme Confianza
Carlos Calderon Meza, a rancher in Peru, has been using microcredit to build his business for more than 10 years. He used his first loan to buy a small barn. Carlos says, “Before I had simple cattle and now I have fine dairy cattle. I have also built eating grounds for 12 calfs, animals that eat here and don’t eat in the field. I then built another eating ground for 12 cows, including cows that were pregnant.” Carlos knows that the microfinance loan was a big help and otherwise he could not work or progress. Full Story

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