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Flora Callisaya
Flora Callisaya

Flora Callisaya is a 38-year-old single mother of three boys ages 12, 14, and 18. Living with her parents, Flora struggled to make out a living and to support her sons. Barely able to sustain her family with her earnings, Flora went to Pro Mujer to inquire about a loan. Appreciating Pro Mujer’s mandatory savings program, she decided to join.

Flora used her first loan to buy materials for her printing business. After her initial investment in her business, Flora’s income increased, allowing her to expand her business and explore new enterprises such as her photography studio and the dishware and gift boxes she sells at weekly markets. Her first loan with Pro Mujer was only US$17, now her loan is US$1,122.

Flora insists, “I have invested my savings in good things.” The impact of Pro Mujer has reached beyond her business; with her mandatory savings from Pro Mujer, Flora has bought her own land and a house. Encouraged by Pro Mujer’s health workshops, Flora gets regular PAP smears as well as physical exams and vaccinations for her and her children. Flora says she appreciates what she has learned from Pro Mujer and urges her children to take advantage of Pro Mujer’s non-financial services like computer classes. In addition to the workshops, Flora has taken a leadership role as president of her communal bank for over 3 cycles.

“Pro Mujer is like school for us, here we can see each other, have fun, relax and learn. For us Pro Mujer is a place we can be together,” Flora says.

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