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Ways to Work, Inc.

11700 W Lake Park Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224

Contact: Wendell E. Willis, Vice President of Operations
Phone: 866-252-7171
Fax: 414-359-6548
Ways to Work, Inc.

Ways to Work is a unique Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and non-profit organization that provides social enterprise lending through a national network of loan offices. We provide small, short-term, low-interest loans to working poor families with challenging credit histories through character-based lending. This serves as an alternative to predatory lenders and provides a path for economic self-sufficiency.


Client Population

The majority of the WtW borrowers fall within the following profile: 92% female with two-thirds being single, 70% of borrowers have fewer than 3 children, 60% of borrowers are African-American, 14% White, 6% Latino, and 20% other race, 50% of the borrowers have more than a high school education and 40% completed high school or obtained a GED, and 70% of the clients are over the age of 30.



Ways to Work, Inc.
Buying a mini-van has improved Georgina Castaņeda's family's life tremendously and she has been inspired to tell others about the program. Now that she has a reliable car, she saves two hours on her daily commute time and has increased her income by finding a full time job. In Georgina's words, "Life has become a lot easier." She finds the people at SMCU [San Mateo Credit Union] very helpful and with her higher income has opened savings accounts there for herself and her daughter, as well as an IRA. Thanks to the money she saved in her account, this past Christmas Georgina took her children on their first vacation ever ... to Disneyland. According to Georgina, "I always dreamed of taking the kids there but never would have thought I could do it alone. Thank you SMCU and Ways to Work -- you changed my life." Full Story

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