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Banco Sol- Bolivia

Calle Nicolas Acosta no. 289
Esq. Calle Canada Strongest, Plaza San Pedro
La Paz

Contact: Julio Cesar Herbas, Commercial Manager
Phone: 591-2-248-6563
Fax: 591-2-248-6533
Banco Sol- Bolivia

Banco Solidario, S.A. (BancoSol) is a microfinance institution that provides credit to microenterprises throughout Bolivia, increasing employment opportunities and facilitating the growth of small businesses and income in this sector. The bank has progressed from 1992 when it only offered solidarity credit to micro businessmen and since 2002 has offered seven different loan products. Since its inception, BancoSol has served more than one million customers and financed loans worth nearly $1.1 billion.


BancoSol offers financial services to microentrepreneurs with the goal of promoting growth in operations, self-sufficiency and savings. Products include:

BancoSol also offers Bank Guarantees, Personal Insurance, Savings Accounts, Debit Cards VISA Electron, Time Deposits, National and International Drafts, International Remittances, Utility Payments, and Tax Payments.

Investments by individuals, as well as institutions such as the Calvert Foundation, provide the lending capital to BancoSol.

Client Population

Entrepreneurs with a small capital base but dynamic adjustment capabilities make up BancoSol’s core clientele. BancoSol mostly serves people in major urban areas of Bolivia, specifically La Paz, El Alto, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Oruro, and Chuquisaca. Sixty-nine percent of BancoSol clients are from major urban areas, 21% are from minor urban areas, and 10% are from rural regions. Half are Latino and half are indigenous.

Fifty-six percent of BancoSol’s clients are women and 95% of the borrowers have household income at or below 80% of area median income. Most are young, predominantly 35-40 years old, with low levels of education.


Despite its small loan size, BancoSol has proven to be one of the soundest banks in the country, consistently placing at the top in key indices of asset quality, solvency, and risk.
BancoSol has:

By financing microbusinesses and housing projects, BancoSol has helped create more employment opportunities and given impoverished households a chance to change their lives.


Banco Sol- Bolivia
Elvira Mamami uses embroidery to support her daughters. Though she embroiders daily, it was hard to get ahead without any capital. Luckily, she heard about BancoSol. Although she had no collateral, the bank made Elvira a loan of $300. The investment paid off and Elvira repaid the entire loan on time. Now that Elvira has seen how one loan increased her revenue, she plans to request $600 to invest in a modern sewing machine to improve efficiency. Full Story

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