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Microfinance Information Exchange


MIX collects, analyzes and publishes financial and social performance data from nearly 1,500 microfinance institutions (MFIs) throughout the developing world. MIX presents this data via our online platform, MIX Market (, and in benchmarks, trend lines, and regional and country level reports.
The analysis and research we provide is based on our data collection efforts - our database is the deepest in the microfinance sector and provides the public with a general overview and in depth look at microfinance markets and individual MFIs. We also provide information on funders and donors for the microfinance sector and business information on networks and service providers.
Additionally, MIX is a leader in creating and tracking standards for the industry, with core competencies in accounting, financial analysis, and benchmarking process. We are a frequent advisor to and participant in industry best practices and standard setting working groups, actively helping to define financial and social performance reporting standards, including the framework for reporting, as well as technology standards.

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