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Fondo Financiero Privado (FIE S.A.)

Calle General Gonzales No. 1272 San Pedro
Zona San Pedro Casilla 15032
La Paz

Contact: Mr. Enrique Soruco, General Manager
Phone: (591) 22-485222
Fax: (591) 22-487004
Fondo Financiero Privado (FIE S.A.)

Private Financial Fund FIE S.A. (FIE S.A.) is a limited liability financial company that offers financial services to small and micro enterprises in Bolivia. It provides such services at competitive rates to support the development of micro enterprises and small businesses, which leads to improvement in the social and economic living conditions of its low-income clients. As of December 31st 2005, FIE S.A. had almost US $86.9 million in assets.


The goals of FIE S.A.'s programs are to reach micro and small enterprises with the best financial services in the country; to strengthen and consolidate their clients' economic activities; to offer quality services that are quick, timely, and focused on customer needs; and to establish trust with their clientele, and to attract investors who are committed to an equitable and inclusive development in Bolivia.

As one of Bolivia's leading financial institutions, FIE S.A. offers a whole range of products, as listed below:

FIE S.A. recently introduced several new products including lines of credit, loans for those with fixed incomes, emergency loans, and parallel loans.

Investments by local and international individuals, banking institutions and financial entities, including the Calvert Foundation, provide lending capital to FIE S.A

Client Population

FIE S.A.'s provides its services through 82 branches located all over Bolivia in La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Sucre, Tarija, Potosi, Oruro, and El Alto. FIE S.A. has also expanded its presence in rural areas through its offices in the Los Yungas region of La Paz. All of FIE S.A.'s clients are Bolivian and most are from major urban areas. Slightly over half its clients are female as 57.52 percent of accounts are held by women and over 50 percent of credits were extended to women's initiatives. Many of FIE S.A.'s clients are also illiterate and live in extreme poverty.


As of December 31st, 2005, FIE had 52,000 active clients, over $341 million disbursed, more than 370,000 credit operations, and 77,000 savings account holders. FIE S.A. has a $73.8 million outstanding loan portfolio which includes 56,446 active loans. Of their portfolio, 15 percent of loans went to the manufacturing sector, 36 percent to commerce, 39 percent to the service sector, and the remaining 10 percent to wage earners and people with fixed incomes.

FIE S.A. has also actively involved itself in the needs of the community and raised awareness on issues relating to the environment and ecology.


Fondo Financiero Privado (FIE S.A.)
Mrs. Zoila Figallo began by selling jello door to door in order to make some extra money. After some troubles in her efforts to open her own stand (“kiosko”), she heard about FFP FIE S.A., where she was able to take out a loan in order to solidify her business. After repaying her first loan succesfully, Mrs. Figallo took out a second loan from 5,000 bolivianos in order to open a restaurant. With both of her businesses, Mrs. Figallo is able to make around 60 bolivianos each day, enough to pay her own rent and for her children’s educations. Full Story

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