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Satisfying Giving Checklist
Which are True for You?

"Satisfaction" is an intimate and personal experience, something each of us define in our own way. Nonetheless, whether you give $100 a year or $1,000,000, there seem to be predictable factors that deepen the enjoyment of giving. We invite you to browse the following list and let it spark some steps you might take in the future. Check the ones that interest you. Keep in mind that this is not a test or a contest, where the more checks the better; the list is only meant to assist your self-reflection.

Stop whatever makes giving unsatisfying

Create a pro-active and focussed giving plan, tailored to your needs.

Make meaningful personal connections to the groups you fund.

Develop confidence that your money is being well used.

Give in ways that make a real difference.

Develop skills and internal qualities which enhance giving.

Adopted from More Than Money, a quarterly journal published by and for people with wealth. Each issue is filled with personal stories, practical ideas, and humor, focusing on a particular theme. For more information, email:; or call (800) 255-4903.

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