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What is FOLIO investing?

FOLIO investing allows individuals to purchase a basket of up to 50 stocks that can be purchased with a single transaction. Unlike individual stock investments, allows you instant diversification. Unlike mutual funds, FOLIOs allow you to directly own stocks.

What are the benefits of FOLIO investing?

There are three major benefits of FOLIO investing. First, FOLIOs allow instant and inexpensive diversification. By diversifying you reduce your investment risk. Second, FOLIO investing can potentially reduce the cost of commissions and fees associated with trading stocks and owning mutual funds. FOLIOs have a fixed annual or monthly fee. Third, FOLIOs allow you to control the tax impacts of investing. By choosing when to sell investments, you choose when capital tax gains occur.

How much does FOLIO investing cost?

The cost for FOLIOfn's service is $29.95/month or $295 per year. For this fee you get three FOLIOs of up to 50 stocks each and unlimited trading.

How is FOLIO investing socially responsible?

FOLIO investing allows you to pick the investments that meet your values. By combining research on companies at the site and the FOLIOfn site, you can find the right mix of stocks that meet your values, risk, and returns area. Alternatively, FOLIOfn has devised six socially responsible FOLIOs that may match your needs.

What types of investors should consider FOLIO investing?

FOLIO investing is a good alternative for people that want the control of investing in individual stocks with the diversity offered by mutual funds. FOLIOs are most appropriate for people who want to be actively involved in managing their investments. That is because while FOLIOfn periodically adjusts its recommended FOLIOs, individual investors are ultimately responsible for purchase and sale of the stocks. This may mean keeping track of dozens of stocks.

If you are looking to FOLIOs to reduce your costs of investing, you need to decide whether you have $300 a year in trading costs (most likely10-15 trades) or $300 per year in mutual fund fees (most likely with no-load investments more than $15,000).

What kinds of socially responsible FOLIOs are offered? and FOLIOfn are currently offering six options: SRI Large Cap, Tobacco-Free, Women Leaders, Environmentally Responsible, Labor-Friendly, and Minority Leaders.

How do I get started in FOLIO investing?

Start investing in FOLIOs today by becoming a member at FOLIOfn.

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About the FOLIO
Investing(sm) Center has partnered with FOLIOfn to enable social investors to design and purchase baskets of stocks that allows active management with a fixed annual cost.

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