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Statistics and Trends on Socially Responsible Investing

One half of the 2100 MBA's surveyed by Students for Responsible Business said they were willing to accept a lower salary position with a more socially responsible firm.

The 1999 Cone/Roper Cause Related Trends Report found that 62% of consumers are likely to switch to retailers who support good causes.

In 1999, only 39% of Americans had invested in the stock market.

Domini Social 400 index has outpaced the Standard & Poor 500 since 1990.

In 1999, $2.16 trillion was invested in at least one of the three areas of social investing.

Socially responsible investment assets grew at twice the rate of all assets under professional management in the United States between 1997-1999.

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In 1999, the total assets and investments of community development financial institutions was $5.4 billion.

Community investing grew 35 percent from 1997-1999 from $4 billion to $5.4 billion.

Community Development banks are the most common area of social investing.

Social Investment Forum launched a program to encourage community investment asking that 1 percent of all social investments be designated to community investing.

Shareholder Activism    to top

In 1999 alone, 220 corporate social shareholder resolutions were issued, 25 percent of which were because of environmental concerns.

Amount of funds controlled by investors involved in shareholder advocacy rose from $736 billion to $922 billion between 1997-99.

Social Screening    to top

In 1999 there were 175 screened mutual funds as compared to 55 screened mutual funds in 1995.

Of all socially screened funds, 96 percent are void of tobacco holdings.

Eighty-eight percent of screened assets use three or more screens.

In 1999 management in screened portfolios for socially concerned investors totaled $1.5 billion up 183 percent from 1997.

Socially screened mutual funds are twice as likely to receive top morningstar ratings than non-screened mutual funds.

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