Manager Profiles
Company / Manager Years
Credentials Age Office
Boston Common Asset Management Team
Geeta Aiyer, President 26 N Y MA  
Matt Zalosh, Securities Analyst/Portfolio Manager 15 N Y MA  
Praveen Abichandani, Securities Analyst 19 N Y MA  
Nathan Foley-Mendelssohn, Securities Analyst 7 N Y MA  
Steven Heim, Director of Social Research 15 N N MA  
Carol Malnick, Portfolio Manager 24 N N CA  
Margien Tolson, Securities Analyst 22 N Y CA  
Clean Yield Asset Management Team
Rian F. Fried, President 16 N N 52 VT  
P. Douglas Fleer, Vice President 16 N N 49 VT  
Richard D. Hausman, Director of Social Research 10 N N 55 VT  
Martha Rose, Director of Operations 10 52 VT  
Creative Investment Research, Inc. Individual
William Michael Cunningham, President 26  
FinArc, LLC Team
Catherine Friend White, President and Senior Portfolio Manager 29 51 MA  
Matthew C. Slaney, Portfolio Manager 15 36 MA  
W. David Malone, Senior Security Analyst 14 Y 39 MA  
Investeco Capital
Alex Chamberlain, LLB, MBA,  
Principle Profits Asset Management, Inc. Individual
Dan McKenna, President 17 Y N 39 MA  
Progressive Investment Management
Carsten Henningsen, Chair 20 N N Portland, OR  
Leslie Christian, President 30 N Y Seattle, WA and Portland, OR  
Jim Madden, Portfolio Manager 10 N Y Portland, OR  
Robert Baird, Investment Advisor 20 N N Portland, OR  
SKBA Capital Management Team
Josh Rothe, Principal 9 Y CA  
Ken Kaplan, Cheif Executive Officer 34 Y CA  
Trillium Asset Management Corporation Team
Matthew Patsky, CEO 25 N Y MA  
Cheryl Smith, Ph.D., President/Portfolio Manager 23 N Y MA  
Stephanie Leighton, Vice President/ Chief Investment Officer/Portfolio Manager 27 N Y MA  
F. Farnum Brown, Ph.D., Vice President/ Chief Investment Strategist/Portfolio Manager 29 N N NC  
Laura McGonagle, Vice President/Portfolio Manager/Analyst 17 N Y MA  
Will Lana, Vice President/Portfolio Manager/Analyst 4 N N CA  

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