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Trillium Asset Management Corporation


711 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA  02111


     Local: 617-423-6655
Toll Free: 800-548-5684


353 West Main Street
Durham, NC 27701-3215
Phone: 919-688-1265

100 Larkspur Landing Circle
Suite 105
Larkspur, CA 94939
Phone: 415-925-0105
Toll-free: 800-933-4806
Manager Information
Name Years
Credentials Age Office
Matthew Patsky
25 N Y MA
Cheryl Smith, Ph.D.
President/Portfolio Manager
23 N Y MA
Stephanie Leighton
Vice President/ Chief Investment Officer/Portfolio Manager
27 N Y MA
F. Farnum Brown, Ph.D.
Vice President/ Chief Investment Strategist/Portfolio Manager
29 N N NC
Laura McGonagle
Vice President/Portfolio Manager/Analyst
17 N Y MA
Will Lana
Vice President/Portfolio Manager/Analyst
4 N N CA
Founded in 1982, Trillium Asset Management Corporation (“Trillium”) is the oldest and largest independent investment advisor focusing exclusively on responsible and sustainable investing. Clients choose to work with Trillium because of the emphasis on personalized service, an investment discipline providing consistent and competitive returns, and a deep commitment to advancing environmental sustainability, social justice and human rights through innovative investment, research, and advocacy.

Clients include families and individuals, foundations, endowments, religious institutions, and other non-profits. Trillium works with them to balance their financial and social goals and shares with them a passion for using investments to create social change.

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