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FinArc, LLC

FinArc, LLC


140 Kendrick Street
C3 East
Needham, MA  02494


     Local: (781) 449-8989
Toll Free: (877) 734-6272


Manager Information
Name Years
Credentials Age Office
Catherine Friend White
President and Senior Portfolio Manager
29 51 MA
Matthew C. Slaney
Portfolio Manager
15 36 MA
W. David Malone
Senior Security Analyst
14 Y 39 MA
FinArc is an entrepreneurial investment management firm that combines institutional portfolio management expertise with personal service. We are an independent company, with no affiliation or compensation from any firm in the brokerage, insurance, or banking industries.

Founded in 1990 by Catherine Friend White, FinArc manages portfolios for individuals, foundations, and corporate pension plans. The company derived its name from financial and architect, the vocations of Ms. Whites' grandfathers. Appropriately, these images reflect our mission of building a solid financial foundation for our clients.
Investment Process
All investment recommendations are supported by a comprehensive analysis of the company's financial strength, management, product potential, marketing skills, and overall strategy. Our analysts assign each stock an initial value, detailing at what price it will be bought, accumulated, or sold. Securities are purchased only after they have passed our stringent, nine-step evaluation process. This process may include visits with company management, facility tours, and conference calls. Our analysts have access to the stock research of many top-tier Wall Street firms and online databases that enable them to stay on top of the rapid flow of information.

We buy companies that: 1)Have proven profitability, 2)Are in a quarter where they will show a profit, 3)Have positive operating earnings on a quarterly year-over-year basis, 4)Have a sound strategy for growing and managing growth, 5)Create a useful product or service that they know how to market and deliver and 6)Give us access to top management's philosophy and growth targets.
Social Issues
We conduct both positive and negative screens that are customized to each client's preference.

Issues that are most commonly screened include:

Environmental Issues (e.g. alternative fuels research)
Community Service and Charitable Contributions
Arts, Cultural and Educational Support
Weaponry Manufacturing
Tobacco Manufacturing
Alcohol Manufacturing and Distribution
Gambling-related Activities
Nuclear Power Generation
Animal Testing
Government Contracting
Repressive Regimes
Women and Minorities on the Board of Directors
Women and Minorities in Upper Management
Positive Employee Relationships
Employment of the Elderly and the Disabled

Other screens are available.

We offer advice on how to direct money towards community investment. See our website's Financial Advice section to read about Community Development Banks.

FinArc participates in Shareholder Activism by voting proxy statements to positively affect corporate behavior. We also write and speak directly with management to encourage appropriate ethical behavior and emphasize the powerful influence social responsibility can have on the stock's value.

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