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Creative Investment Research, Inc.


P.O. 55793
Washington, DC  20040-5793


Toll Free: 866-867-3795


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William Michael Cunningham
A pioneer in Community Development Investing, Creative Investment Research is known for developing high impact, ERISA-compliant, profitable community development investments. These investment vehicles are designed to get capital into underserved communities, where feasible within the framework of efficient money management, with no appreciable increase in cost or risk to the client. The firm specializes in the social and financial evaluation of financial institutions, including institutions owned by minorities and women. We also publish The Minority Bank Monitor. We believe it possible to create investments and portfolios that perform well financially and that address social concerns. We serve individuals, institutions, and pension plans.
Investment Process
We have developed several new social or targeted investment instruments and methods. Given recent developments in information technology, it is much easier to create very powerful analysis tools to assist investment decision making. These tools and techniques allow institutional investors to allocate funds for targeted social purpose investing in an ERISA complaint, market-based manner.
Social Issues
Domestic financial markets are broad and well functioning, for the most part. These markets have, however, ignored investment opportunities in markets populated by minorities and women. Certain institutions have been the beneficiaries of an unprecedented increase in financial market activity and asset values. For these institutions, devoting even a small percentage of assets to community development investments and to markets populated by minorities and women will help even the distribution of income and wealth, contribute to domestic political and economic stability, and earn a competitive return. It is our belief that investors, women, and minorities are well served by these efforts.
Featured Company

Carver Bancorp, Inc.

Carver is a black owned bank operating is Harlem, New York City. They are one of the companies that we track. Carver Bancorp has a symbol CNY. We think Carver is a company to watch. Their stock has not followed the trend in the financial services sector and has not been badly bruised. We have been critical of Carver for not making more money given the opportunities that exist for economic development in Harlem. We have received quite a few e-mail messages from minority business people in New York City and in Harlem who have not been that impressed with the reception they have received at Carver. Still, we are optimistic and think that eventually Carver will realize its true potential, both as an engine for community economic development and as a stand alone financial institution.

"Too many people simply give up too easily. You have to keep the desire to forge ahead and be able to take the bruises of unsuccess. Success is just one long street fight."
Milton Berle

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