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Clean Yield Asset Management


P.O. Box 117
Garvin Hill Road
Greensboro, VT  05841


     Local: 802-533-7178
Toll Free: 800-809-6439


Manager Information
Name Years
Credentials Age Office
Rian F. Fried
16 N N 52 VT
P. Douglas Fleer
Vice President
16 N N 49 VT
Richard D. Hausman
Director of Social Research
10 N N 55 VT
Martha Rose
Director of Operations
10 52 VT
A pioneer in SRI portfolio management, Clean Yield's hallmark is paying close attention to each client's unique financial and social profile. We also publish The Clean Yield newsletter. Accounts are separately maintained according to client-specific guidelines, and fees are based on account size, not commissions. We serve individuals, institutions, and pension plans. Our goal is to build socially responsible portfolios that provide a competitive return while allowing for a good night's sleep.
Investment Process
Clean Yield follows a growth-at-a-reasonable-price (GARP) discipline. Our managers select securities from a universe of companies that have been screened to meet accepted social responsibility standards. Portfolios are then crafted to accomodate each client's risk and social-values profile.
Social Issues
Our clients share the conviction that every money transaction has impact on social as well as financial values. For that reason, we seek out investments fostering environmental and social responsibility, while steering clear of weapons, tobacco, human rights abuse, gaming, militarism, nuclear power, animal abuse, and environmental violations. An exception is when clients elect to become shareholders so they may press for corporate change from the inside.
Featured Company

Baldor Electric

Whether you are sitting in a dentist's chair or crossing a hydroelectric dam, it is likely that the motors whirring about you were built by Baldor Electric (BEZ). Baldor manufactures more than 5000 different energy-efficient motors and controls and sells them to distributors and original equipment manufacturers worldwide. The keys to BEZ's 80-year success story are quality and service. The company is renowned for listening carefully to its customers' needs and producing the highest quality products to meet those needs. By producing increasingly efficient products, it has also helped its customers put spark in their own profits. The payback time of a more efficient motor is short, and the financial reward significant.

So far this year, Baldor's earnings have been flat. In response, investors have turned to flashier, faster-growing companies. The stock has traded in a narrow 52-week range that is nearly identical to its 1997 range when earnings were about 8% lower. This is a good time to add to this core Clean Yield stock. It is a growth company with a very strong balance sheet that is selling at value prices. Once sales and earnings torque up—and we anticipate this will happen later this year—the stock should price should once again charge ahead. And when BEX regains its growth characteristics and increases its already large market share, we expect that it will sport a market P/E, implying a return to at least its 1998 high of 27.

Corporate Responsibility: Baldor is a favorite of socially responsible money and fund managers. The company perennially shows up on "100 Best" lists, including the 100 Best Companies to Work for in America, and it regularly picks up awards for engineering innovation and product quality. It is also touted by environmental investors for producing the most energy-efficient products. Baldor first came to the attention of social investors for its groundbreaking—and subsequently much copied—employee-training programs.

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