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April 09, 2008

New Fund Invests in Tomorrow's Green Stars
    by Anne Moore Odell

ThinkCapital launches a green growth fund that focuses on sustainable companies. -- Last week, ThinkCapital launched the ThinkGreen mutual fund as part of a trio of new growth focused mutual funds. Looking to harness the growth potential of "green" companies, ThinkGreen's managers will invest in companies from anywhere in the world that meet ThinkCapital's green screens.

Visit the
Prospectus Ordering CenterThinkGrowth, ThinkGlobal, and ThinkGreen are the first mutual funds from ThinkCapital Management headquartered in San Francisco, CA. ThinkCapital Management is an affiliate of the investment bank ThinkEquity Partners and a wholly-owned subsidiary of ThinkPanmure Holdings. Michael Moe, Chief Investment Officer for ThinkCapital, and Stuart Pulvirent are the co-portfolio managers for all three funds.

Companies in the ThinkGreen portfolio will be selected for both their growth potential and their focus on sustainability, specifically "green technology" and "green living."

"The ThinkGreen Fund seeks companies who can contribute not only a great business model by contemporary standards, but who can also become leaders of a budding industry with significant growth potential," said Michael Moe.

Moe continued, "We focus on companies that develop products or services designed around the sustainability of a clean environment, and in regards to 'green living,' these companies will also find new ways to serve the more basic consumer needs of the current global economy. We believe this combination of novel solutions to age old problems will be the blade's edge in the economic growth of the green movement."

The Fund will look for companies that are developing new technologies to address the environmental impact of energy creation and manufacturing. This includes, but isn't limited to, companies developing biofuels, recycling technology, solar energy, water purification and wind power.

"Embracing new technologies is a key to achieving sustainable global economic growth," said co-manager Stuart Pulvirent. "Improving the environment and living conditions of all the planet's inhabitants is not only a social compact - it's good business and a significant opportunity."

A survey released from Allianz Global Investors earlier this year found growing interest in investing in green businesses, especially environmental technology. Nearly fifty percent of the 1000-plus people surveyed said they were likely to invest in a company or fund that is "green."

Moe explained, "New sustainable technologies do not suffer from the same short life expectancies as previous technology and energy investment vehicles, partly because many can thrive indefinitely without expending natural resources, but also because they empower a growing cause that people on all sides of the investment can get behind."

The ThinkFunds are no-load funds. The initial minimum investment is $5,000 for direct accounts, $1,000 for direct retirement accounts, $2,500 for automatic investment plans, and $1,000 for a gift account for minors.

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