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January 30, 2009

US Investors Optimistic About Green Investment
    by Robert Kropp

Online survey of individual investors finds that most expect policies of the Obama administration to encourage investment in environmental technology. -- A survey of individual investors in the US reveals that despite turmoil in the markets, many remain optimistic about investing in environmental stocks. 64% of respondents named the environment as the most desirable investment opportunity of ten categories surveyed.

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our sponsorsThe survey was conducted online for Allianz Global Investors, an investment management company. Surveys were obtained from 1,264 adults age 25 or older with $100,000 or more in investments and who have responsibility for household investment decisions.

While 78% of respondents report that they have never invested in a company because it was developing new technologies or approaches to capitalize on addressing environmental problems, 47% do report themselves as likely to invest in a company because it is capitalizing on an environmental trend, and 69% believe it is important to look at investments in companies that are capitalizing on addressing environmental problems.

A significant majority of investors believe investing in green stocks will be encouraged by the Obama administration. 78% expect to see more policies to promote business investment in new environmental technologies in the first year of the Obama Administration than in the entire eight years of the Bush Administration, and 74% believe the new Congress will be more supportive of policies to promote business investment in new environmental technologies.

Investors also indicate that they expect environmental issues to become more important in the long view. 91% believe that finding solutions to environmental problems will be a major issue for years to come, and 97% say that exploring alternative fuel sources for the future will remain important even if gas prices come down.

78% agree that environmental technology has the potential to be the next great American industry, while 79% believe that investing in environmental technology companies helps to solve environmental problems by attracting more capital to the sector.

This is the second year in which the annual Allianz survey has been conducted.

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